Take your learning
to the next level

Get the learning you need to maintain and develop your practice and improve patient outcomes. Take control of your CPD with our individual learning log and wealth of expert content, completely free.

How it works

Extensive learning library

NPA CPD Hub offers an extensive library of content, tailored to your individual needs. Whether your interest is management, clinical or practice, you will have access to over 1,000 learning items.

Record your learning

Record your learning and evaluation in line with GPhC requirements in our secure cloud-based environment. Track your activity and download completion certificates for your pharmacy’s records.

Personal learning log

Your learning log allows you to track and analyse your learning performance. Personal to you, it is accessible from any device and is transferrable to any part of the Network you are a member of, throughout your career.


and invaluable

"There is a broad range of learning available through the CPD modules so there is plenty to choose from. The clinical topics are good quality and the practice-related subjects very useful. I like being able to access my learning log when I am on the road and find I have some time to spare."

Geetu, Community Pharmacist

Relevant to my practice

"I find the CPD modules on the site are really relevant to my practice and I like the way they are structured, naturally leading to a CPD entry and neatly stored in your own online learning log. The bite sized learning articles are great if you want to do some learning and reflection but don't have a lot of time; it's also nice the way these are added to your online learning log too."

Jonathan, Community Pharmacist

Personal to me

"It’s important to me to be able to learn new things at my own pace and have my own personal record of what I have completed. I just moved to another pharmacy and being able to bring this information with me, plus my certificates and show my boss what I have done has been great."

Karen, Medicines Counter Assistant